Saturday 13 August

We had though about a trip up the river to Wareham, but realise that we are simply up too late for the tide. Joshua Slocum would be scandalised! While Magaluf in Dorset has its attractions, we trundle off in search of a quieter anchorage. With a grand total of 55 minutes under the keel, we drop the anchor again in the South Deep just south of Furzey Island and a stones throw from Goathorn point.

There follows a completely unremarkable day, just lazing, drinking and reading…bliss.

Once again the sun does not disappoint and we never cease to be amazed how peaceful and deserted this place is and yet still so close to the bustle and general noise of the north of the harbour.

..and we doze off in the company of jsut a couple of others…rocking very gently…

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