21st June River Yealm to Salcombe

Another glorious set of easterlies (although to be fair, virtually no wind at all) see us head East… The purists along with Joshua Slocum himself, will be turning in their graves, muttering darkly about sailing boats, wind and a modern lack of patience to go where it takes you. Presumably they don’t have grandchildren, around whose little fingers they are wrapped, or other more mundane commitments. However, the motor to Salcombe is very pleasant in an unstressed kind of way and we put the sails up more for show than any real means of propulsion…we have all day after all.

Salcombe is as pleasant as always and we pick up a mooring mid harbour which is served by a very efficient (and cheap-for-Salcombe) water taxi. The town has a reputation for vying with Sandbanks as the most expensive real estate in the UK and it is certainly busy.

Lunch on pasties and dinner of fish and chips sitting on the harbour wall makes for a healthy day of eating…but with another lovely sunset over the town we sit in the cockpit with fat tummies…and the odd rum or two.

Post Script

We decide to stay for another day and make use of the beaches on the east side of the harbour. The water temperature suits half of the crew and they slosh about happily in what the rest of us feel is near freezing. Clearly James and Yee Tak are not impressed with Wim Hoff.

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