Sunday 19th June…not blazing!

Sunday lie-in is not for us as we take the short hop out of Plymouth and the old gun batteries. We pass the Mewstone rock (and the quaintly named Shag rock) in intermittent showers to reach the Yealm ahead of the stronger winds and around high tide. We were here a few years ago and it has to be one of the prettiest places around.

We have a great but all too short sail across the bay and pick our way across the bar at the entrance and up to a vacant visitor’s mooring for a couple of nights. The rain arrives as we settle down for some morning coffee, snug inside with the heater on in June! Bring it on.

Being old we snooze the rainy afternoon away until it is time to get the party frocks, DJs and wet weather gear on for our dinner date at the Ship Inn in Noss Mayo. The outboard decides not to co-operate and we have a lovely wet paddle to the slip. We arrive at the pub for our Sunday dinner hot, damp and not really in keeping with the rest of the clientele. We raise a glass to John’s Mum and Dad who he used to bring here years ago as their treat.

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