Getting going at last…10 August 2020

It has been ages since we posted, or even been for anything other than a day sail on Heydays. We won’t go into the reasons for this and I doubt that any of us, even in our dotage, will forget the spring and summer of 2020 and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The result for Heydays was neglect over several months and the inevitable build up of mould and mildew. Once we were allowed back on board we treated the old girl to some serious deep cleaning, but as this mini-cruise is showing, we still found plenty of nooks and crannies which haven’t seen the light of day for nearly a year…and a smell to match!
Still, its great to be back on board with a semblance of normality and we are the proud owners of a solar panel mounted across the davits. This has proved to be one of the best domestic improvements so far and we can keep the fridge on (for cold beer) without having to run the engine…our little bit for the environment?
Social media has suggested that with many boats opting to cruise home waters this year, the anchorages and marinas are getting crowded, especially in the west. Indeed, it seems as if there have been some angry scenes in Yarmouth on the isle of Wight. Planning is a rather grand word for our decision making, but we opt to meander east towards Bembridge, Portsmouth, Langstone, Chichester etc and see what we can find in the less fashionable areas. Newtown Creek and Bembridge both heaving, so we opt to stay in Lymington and we sit in the late sun telling ourselves that we would be more than pleased to rock up somewhere like this in France or indeed, anywhere but our home port. What is not to like about the birds calling on the marshes…and the occasional gin…or two.

With local restaurants being booked and our reluctance to do too much in crowded places, we opt to do more cooking on board and have brought a great selection of pre-prepared nosh. Monday sees us dining on Portuguese Bacalao con Natas (fish pie to you). The simple act of just chucking it in the oven reveals yet another minor niggle, of which we seem to have more than our fair share this year…the oven will only work with the application of some mole grips and a casual disregard for health and safety. Nothing will get in the way of our dinner ….

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