Sunday June 23 2019…L’Aber Wrac’h to Roscoff

We decide to give L’Aber Wrac’h a miss and try our luck in Roscoff. While it is a major ferry terminal, it is also a very attractive little town and we decide to make the most of the weather before the winds settle in to strongish (F6 or 7) easterlies from Wednesday onwards.

We resist the temptation to cough very loudly at 6.30am…or to sound the foghorn, and instead slip quietly away into a still but drizzly morning. More motoring! A cormorant is doing its very best to change the north marker into an easterly…an avian wrecker?

We plot a course though the very narrow easterly channel out of the river, seemingly within touching distance of the rocks which seem to be strewn liberally around in a very haphazard fashion.

Once out, we set off for the Ile de Batz and initially plan to take the longer but less rock strewn northerly route round the island. We re-read the pilot book and given the favourable wind with tide once more and excellent visibility, we plot a course through the southerly channel between the island and the mainland.  This require serious buoy counting and we list them all out in advance. We wonder idly, whether Iran will retaliate for the recent US cyber attack by taking out our GPS…although probably not directed at us personally!

The rain is steady as we start the various dog-legs through the channel. The markers are very clear however and we hop from one to the other, again within spitting distance of some very spikey rocky stuff. The only company we have are some fishing boats and the small vedettes which ply between Roscoff and the Island.  The route saves us about 3 miles and the possibility of a deck-full of water in the overfalls to the north. By noon we are moored in the modern, faceless, but otherwise excellent (in terms of facilities) marina in Roscoff…and by 1.30 we are sitting down to Sunday lunch by the old harbour. At 4 we left, telling ourselves that we really should go for a walk. A slow trundle out to the edge of the channel to Ile de Batz confirms that with low water now imminent, there really was no room for error on our way in.

The town is charming with the old harbour and even some petanque…

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