Wednesday June 19… Concarneau (part 1)

The forecast for the day is showers and light winds, but dead on the nose (of course).  We wake up to rain and having arranged with the boat moored outside us to leave at 9, we climb into wet weather gear…just as it stops and we start to steam gently inside layers of oilies.

Madame on the boat next door is handling mooring warps in one hand whilst carefully guarding her cigarette in the other…monsieur seems relatively laid back and we are soon clear and heading out of the little harbour. Ile du Groix has been one of the highlights of this cruise (among the many so far) and we are sorry to leave it behind.

A couple of other yachts are leaving around the same time and we are all just motoring north into a strangely lit sky….

…and a light zephyr which is not even strong enough to make beating a worth while activity.

This one of those short passages where not a lot happens, save for a few boats passing slowly in the other direction…

…and some gannets circling and then diving spectacularly into the sea, only to bob up a few seconds later with a beak full of fish. We are similarly spectacular in failing to get anything approaching a photograph!

We doze in turns and the drizzle comes and goes as we start to close the coast once more. A hardy fisher person of indeterminate gender is sitting on what appears to be little more than a kayak. We wonder idly what would happen if a larger than usual fish took the bait…

The approach is rocky as is everywhere along this coast, but the beacons and buoys are reassuringly big and soon we are tucked up and having lunch. We have come to Concarneau to find somewhere to dry out and clean the propeller (we have lost a bit of power to what seems to us to be higher levels of marine fouling in these waters)…and also to pick up Chris who is flying out tomorrow to join us.

The harbour is busy and seems like yet another mecca for sailing schools and children getting to grips with the world of sailing and an assortment of interesting boats apart from the bits of plastic which most of us float about on.

We have a wander around the town to pick up bits of shopping and are forced into a small bar to have a couple of Ricards and a Mojito…just to get out of the rain. Once the shower has passed we are further delayed by a little Vietnamese snack van which is part of the small organic market on the waterfront.

We dine on risotto packed full of fresh organic herbs from the market…

…and this is what a real chart table should look like.

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