Friday and Saturday 31 May and 1 June…. Belle Isle

Bus just across the island to Port Coton. Not really a port in the English sense, more a rocky inlet with some nice beaches which seem only accessible by boat.

The ruggedness is like that of Cornwall and we spend some time happily walking along the cliffs.

Some canoeists are threading their way through the rocks…

…and a presumably local boat does the same. Perhaps he has forward facing sonar as well, not something we would fancy doing without it…

The main inlet has a few boats already anchored and enjoying the sun, but we watch another trying several times to find some good holding before he is satisfied that he won’t get too acquainted with the rocks.

While we are waiting for the bus back (with a couple of drinks), the fog rolls in and visibility is down to a few hundred metres and the water and even the rocks which seemed almost friendly a moment ago, suddenly take on a more menacing feel.

Back in Le Palais we have some good views over the inner harbour and small marina…

…just as a coastal freighter manoeuvres backwards through the lock which seems way too small. Their boat handling skills are impeccable as they slip into their berth with millimetres to spare.

Le Palais has grown on us and is a great place from which to explore the island…

Saturday… and after some market shopping for the next few days we take another leisurely bus ride to Sauzon (meaning Saxon port in Breton apparently). We had considered dropping in here by boat but a couple of pilots talked about how crowded it would be with few moorings, hence our stay in Le Palais. In the event there appear to be quite a few vacant places, and the little harbour is a world away from the ‘fleshpots’ of Le Palais.

We are a bit regretful that we didn’t come on Heydays, but we’ve had a great time here and feel like we know the island a little and there is always another time…

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