Friday 24th August …another day in paradise

The weather is not great for a sail, so we opt to stay here and explore for another day. Showers next to the harbour masters office help to make us sociable and we walk into Newton Ferrers itself in search of something for lunch and dinner. The co-op has to be the tiniest we have ever seen and is rammed but full of what we need. At low tide there is a walkable ford across the creek to Nos Mayo (called a voss in these parts) and we see the extent of the drying mud and shingle…not a place for the tender, let alone Heydays herself.

The houses by the waterfront are wonderful and we wonder why this is so much cheaper than Sandbanks. Cheap is of course a relative term and we could easily afford to live here…in a two bed bungalow…and if the whole family sold up….and we got a mortgage!

We take a very wet ride up the river in the tender and end up sheltering under some of the trees which reach right down to the water’s edge.

The river is beautiful…in a quietly grey and damp way…

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