Tuesday August 21st…Messing about on the river…

We decide to stay for the day on the Helford River and just spend some time getting to know its inlets and creeks. We all decide to have a shower in the Helford River Sailing Club to the likely relief of anyone we may meet later in the day. The rest of the morning is spent in the inflatable just pottering around.

We head up the creek (with an outboard as well as a paddle) to Port Navas …

There is clearly a lot of ready cash in these parts and lots of waterfront house (villas?) and a fair sprinkling of Porsches.

We try for some coffee at the Port Navas  Sailing Club, but sadly they don’t open until 3. The trees hang right down to the water’s edge and we don’t have to go far before we have most of the river to ourselves save for a few canoeists…

…and some disgruntled egrets we manage to disturb…


We mooch around Daphne du Maurier’s atmospheric Frenchman’s Creek with its dilapidated buildings and occasional rusting hulk…

…and then over to the Ferry Boat Inn for a drink and a nibble. Perhaps it is because it is the end of a long lunch service, but the service is less than enthusiastic. The beer is good however and there turns out to be a kiosk serving pasties…this suits John and Yee Tak down to the ground but is less than ideal for James and Chris…they only have steak ones left!

We have dinner in the Helford Yacht Club where John and Yee Tak share a huge porterhouse steak.

We while away the evening on the balcony looking down over a peaceful scene as the dusk falls and a few souls come back in the gloom. The creaking of some oars is spoilt only by the clatter of an air-cooled outboard.

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