Tuesday 14th August Falmouth to Newlyn

We take a trip ashore in Falmouth which is all too brief but treat ourselves to a cooked breakfast and a trip round Tesco…this is living…

We slip the mooring at 11.30 and the wind is kind to us. There are some races going on in the outer reaches of the estuary and we pick our way between them to avoid getting shouted at. Heydays is flying in a W F4 and our course to Newlyn is effectively two big tacks. One out past the Lizard and then one back in to Mounts Bay and Newlyn.  We have phoned ahead to be told that we are good for a berth, but when we get closer we call again to be told that there may be a problem. In the event we nose up and down among the fishing boats until the harbour master spots us and directs us to a pontoon on the shallow side of the harbour. We hold our breath but squeeze in over the mud and are soon tied up next to a small (7m) German boat. Newlyn is like an old friend and it feels good to be back for a while.

We have a car booked to take us all home to do various domestic chores tomorrow. We have a drink in the Swordfish first and get talking to Tammy’s best friend. Tammy is mentioned in our blog from September last year and was a real start in helping us find various bits and pieces. We are sorry to hear that she is in hospital and send our best wishes. The Swordfish is an old style pub and probably gets ‘lively’ at times. It has a great juke box and we have a bit of a nostalgia trip to the general approval of some old guys and the barman…presumably we are old too!

Dinner in the Cinema and then maybe some rum on board.

Wednesday sees us lunching in the Seafood Bar which does a fantastic range of fishy tapas/tasting dishes before collecting the car and heading home.


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