Conwy, 24-26 June


This is a chance to relax and catch up on some general messing around in boats. A sunny day sees us happily fettling, mending and moving things around…tough life huh? We wander into town as the afternoon wears on to find that we’ve moved back a few centuries and the medieval festival is in full swing, although we’re not sure if t shirts, tight white trousers, high heels and bouncers (on the doors!) is completely authentic. The medieval banquet looks great complete with candles and wooden platters, but we settle in to the Blue Bell for some live medieval music complete with hurdy gurdy…and electic 6 string base guitar! James is the party-pooper however as he is clearly not into what amounts to a drunken ceilidh!

The tides here are huge and the sand/mud banks become all too apparent as the water rushes out. Not a place to go aground, even in our bilge keeler.

We repeat the process on Sunday (not the drunken ceilidh) having shown John’s grandchildren around the boat and it is certainly a great sight with all the jesters, jousters (truly great horse-riding and hard knocks), donkeys and men on stilts, all under the imposing walls of Edward 1’s castle designed to subdue the Welsh…

This would be a good festival to come back to and the town is enchanting even without plastic swords and chain-mail.

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