Two too many old men in Oban…

Tuesday morning…the early view from our boat

P5301139 (2)_LI

Tuesday morning a bit later


Apologies for that…

The ‘booked’ water taxi is too full and they operate a first on last off principle, despite the fact we have all booked. Some folk are requested to leave, but at least the skipper hasn’t been to the United Airlines school of customer service. He promises to be back in half an hour or so. Oban is resolutely wet, but we have a nice (but very slow) coffee in the Palace Hotel…artisan coffee but took them a while to find the artisan. James’ cousins join us and it is good to catch up on booze, boats and the blues…oh, and some family stuff. The waterfront seafood shack next to the station does a great lunch and then all too soon we have to say goodbye.

It is always sad to see people leave and we are waving in all directions to cousins, friends and wife as they make their way back down country…and a warmer midge-free life.

Back on Heydays John and James are starting to feel well disposed to the new owners of the marina who are having to catch up on lots of overdue maintenance. We almost feel that the top dollar price is OK, until one of the co-owners starts to tell us of his ocean racing exploits and his custom-built mono-foil yacht capable of doing over 30kts. That, together with no fresh water at all and we begin to question priorities and what exactly are our marina dues paying for.

The arrival of the grand old paddle wheeler Waverly lifts us…


…but mostly Heydays is a slightly grumpy boat that evening …probably too many old men!

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