Monday May 22. Planning is all very well….

The wind would take us easily to Stornaway and we are tempted to follow one of the other boats there in a blast up the Minch. However time and trains etc. so we plan a motor across the sound to have a look at Portree, before a nice fetch in a promised south westerly out of the sound and over to Plockton. The wind is strong and once out of our cosy inlet we start plugging a heavy sea building from the south. We hug the coast of Raasay for shelter before scuttling across to Portree.


The intention is for a quick lunch then on….in the event, rainy squalls sweeping in across the mountains help us decide to stay in Portree and explore. Plenty of time to get the train from Kyle tomorrow!


Tuesday 23 May…What a glorious day to be alive…

The motor runs only briefly this morning, just to get us off the mooring (OK we could have sailed off…) and then we sail with a wonderful sou’westerly out from Portree, down past Raasay and then slipping across the top of Scalpay before the Skye bridge beckons once more. Just west of the bridge we join up our dots when we left Kyle with Chris just a few short days ago, having circumnavigated Raasay and Rona. Until now, most of our UK circumnavigation has been passage planning, but it has been great to have had a chance to just cruise and explore some of the most beautiful scenery  we have seen. Chris has said that at times it reminds her of her old homeland of British Columbia, with the starkness of both rock and wooded hills plunging into a (cold!) sea.

Footnote: This is being written as Chris begins the journey south again and we are trying to cheer John up with a particularly fine chocolaty dark beer.

One thought on “Monday May 22. Planning is all very well….

  1. It was very nice to met you two in Lochinver. Can see on your blog that you have a good time. We are happy today, Altair is back in the sea. Have still a few things to do before take off.
    Saluti a Barbro & Tommy


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