Loch Torridon to where the wind takes us…

With south or south easterlies forecast we decide to hop a short distance back up to Loch Gairloch. We stopped there on the way down but didn’t get ashore and it looked like a beautiful place to go and explore. The engine is on just long enough to give the batteries a quick charge and then we have just the sound of water …and the kettle whistling. A glorious sail with the wind over the quarter and very soon we are making the turn into Loch Gairloch. We’ve learnt our lesson and have booked ahead for our dinner in the Badachro Inn. Just as well as they are almost fully booked. The rain doesn’t really dampen our spirits, even a wet ride in the tender to the pub is still an adventure. With the last of the evening light we wander around Badachro…it doesn’t take long and then putter across the loch back to Heydays.

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