Sad footnote…and best wishes to Roy

We have been checking and re-checking weather forecasts (WindyTV is brilliant – thanks Brian and Anne) in preparation for the exit from Scapa Flow out of Hoy Mouth (‘area to be avoided’ says the chart, somewhat botheringly). However John has had a call to say that his Dad (Roy) in Plymouth is really poorly and that he ought to get back. Alan has left his unlocked car at the ferry terminal complete with the keys (the islands are incredibly safe) and it gets John to the airport within the hour and the start of a rapid journey south.

With Chris also gone, we revise our plans. Heydays will stay in Stromness until John and James hopefully return on 10th May to continue the journey to the Western Isles. We know that friends want to join us along the way and we will keep this blog updated re our whereabouts. Thanks again to all the new friends we have made and their generosity for the help we have had so far and we know the boat will yet again be looked after in our absence.

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