Friday August 12….York and Chris…eventually


Whitby in the morning light was beautiful and we are not sorry to be staying a couple of days.

Chris was due to get to York on the train around 1ish. Time for some lunch, gentle sightseeing etc. We thought that it would be easy to pick up a car in Whitby and drive to York to meet Chris. Turns out that we had to catch a train to Middlesbrough for the nearest rental, but the journey across the moors was delightful and it convinced us to take a ride on the North York Moors steam railway tomorrow.

Chaos on the East Coast main line meant that Chris had a rather fraught journey up while we spent a happy couple of hours in the National Railway Museum. Not only a great place for railway enthusiasts, it also provides a great social reflection as railways developed then declined and then started to rise again. Funnily enough, the old advertising pitch ‘This is the Age of the Train’, did not mention a certain disgraced DJ. There was even some nostalgia for Yee Tak as one of the exhibits included a monstrous Chinese steam engine (although actually built in UK) and a Japanese bullet train.

York was a great place just to wander and people watch and stroll by the river and Chris was even offered two canal boats plus bikes, chairs etc. for £70k…oddly she didn’t have the cash on her.

Dinner at Vertigo near the Shambles was great but John was clearly sickening for something as he couldn’t finish his ox cheek…or was this the Yorkshire Pudding we had first? This is unknown.

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