Monday August 8…beside the seaside, beside the sea, or a trip back in time.


Our original passage plan is to leave tonight for an overnight passage to Scarborough. The ever smiling Carol Kirkwood, or whoever creates the weather has clearly not been receiving our messages, as the forecast is for strong north westerlies (bang on the nose) with gales just to the north of us. The choice this time was easy and we stay put. James has not spent enough time in the cockpit locker recently and so he and John decide to tackle a niggling fault with the alternator. Once again the helpful folk here come to the rescue and off it goes for testing…

So, a day at leisure in Grimsby. Cleethorpes is recommended and we take a train to see the sea. Next to us are a couple…she in a fifties dress he in rocker gear with a Hells Angels motif on the leather jacket. His badge says ‘Arthritis Club…Ibprofen Chapter.’ How we identify with that…



We step off into a world of yesteryear. Replace the cars with Ford Prefects and we could be back in the fifties. John and James are instantly thrown into their childhoods of sand castles, rock, gritty sandwiches and fish and chips for supper. Back into this century and the T shirts give away the holiday makers with Liverpool, Man U and City all well represented. We all have grins on our faces as we stroll past the donkey riders, the sand tunnel diggers and the Dads ‘burying’ their children.

Resisting the crazy golf and the grab a cuddly toy machines, we take a miniature steam train along the front and back…even waving to complete strangers as we pass.

We had thoughts about walking back along the sea wall to Grimsby but are seduced by fish chips and mushy peas sitting on a bench on the front. The seagulls here are much better behaved than the greedy b*****s in Bridport and only a passing husky takes any interest.

Oddly, a pub called Willys with a microbrewery persuades us to wash down supper with some Willys Original before we catch the single coach train back to Grimsby. Would we ever have made a specific trip to Cleethorpes…probably not. Would we recommend it to anyone reading this…absolutely.

Over coffee and cognac the forecasts start to look good for Scarborough tomorrow night. Hopefully we will be joined by Chris there before continuing up to Hartlepool, Amble, Eyemouth and Arbroath and beyond. Space for two more on board!!!

3 thoughts on “Monday August 8…beside the seaside, beside the sea, or a trip back in time.

  1. Reading this has made me really excited about joining you all tomorrow!
    Heydays here I come. Now if you could just sort out some warm weather 😉
    Chris x


  2. This has been so great to read James – I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with your adventures via this blog. Am on train towards you all now for a reunion in York and then onto Whitby tonight! Have put some Bournemouth sunshine in my case …lets hope it makes the journey. See you all soon! Chris X


  3. Glad you’ve all made it up to sunny Yorkshire. Where to after Scarborough? Will you make it to Scotland this trip?


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