Tuesday 14th  June – Ipswich to Walton


Locking out of wet dock this morning means waiting for the swing bridge. The commuters were probably ecstatic to wave us through as we were the only boat going through.

The docks this morning are much busier with aggregate being shipped and loaded in considerable quantities, but it does little to dispel the slightly nagging feeling that Ipswich seems to be struggling to find its place in the 21 century economy.



A stop at Fox’s boatyard was a really bad move for the credit card and we walk out with assorted waterproofs, boots and handy plastic bits without which the boat will simply stop…or something like that. With no particular place to go or schedule to keep, we decide to go where the wind allows and find ourselves back in the Walton Backwaters and feeling our way up the river towards Walton itself and the really pretty Twizzle Creek and Titchmarsh Marina.

A 35 minute walk into Walton after dinner on board (Caldeira again), leaves us feeling sad at a once pretty seaside town clearly down on its luck and literally at the end of the line. There are probably some good bits with welcoming pubs but we didn’t get to find them this time.



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