Sunday 12th June – River Stour to Deben River


Felixstowe looms large over everything round these parts and it is a constant presence as we skirt the main channel out before scuttling across and heading NE towards the Deben. The warnings about the approach are even more dire, but we have taken the precaution of loading the most recent chartlet from the excellent This uses a survey from just 3 months ago and shows the extent of the major changes to the approach channel over the winter. We trust it implicitly and our depth sounder of course. At 1.6 m and with the alarm going we consider turning back but hold our nerve on a rising tide and find the luxury of 3m just inside the mid knoll buoy. The extent of our East Coast virginity is again apparent as we are slightly unnerved by sailing close enough to the shore that we can almost shake hands with the Sunday morning strollers.

The Deben doesn’t disappoint in any way and is a magical sail up to The Maybush at Waldringfield (we have taken the time to both Google and book ahead!) where the visitor moorings even have a bright orange dinghy attached with VISITOR in large friendly letters on the side.

Sunday lunch ashore turns in to a relaxed evening on board with no politics or disputes apart from a discussion about whether ‘za’ is allowable in Scrabble (it’s not).

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