Blogging too soon!

The new water tanks which have been fitted simply don’t work. Well, the water goes in OK but sadly doesn’t come out. We’ll spare the pneumatic and hydrostatic Physics lesson but in essence new tanks won’t be available until end of June. We clearly are not getting anywhere near our schedule of Scotland for August. The deep depression currently over the North sea is matched by us as the sailing season slips by. However…we can keep enough water on board for day sails and the occasional (showerless) overnight, so will do some exploring of the Essex and Suffolk rivers in the next couple of weeks.

This blog was supposed to be about a sailing trip with friends and good company, so apologies to those of you following our tale of woe. Hopefully we’ll post some pictures of East coast mud while we look forward to August.

3 thoughts on “Blogging too soon!

  1. Couldn’t you use the caravan, Jim?


  2. Sympathy!


  3. The dreaded North Sea weather! Suzie and I lived in Newcastle in the 80s – the temperature never got into the 70s. Gutted for you.


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