Heydays April 2016

We are currently ashore back in Tollesbury Marina and hoping to be back on the water by the end of the month. The list of jobs still to be completed is slightly daunting…

  • renew 16 keel bolts and plates…fortunately the wonderful team at the marina is doing this. We’ll write the background another time, but it involved a sandbank in the Thames estuary!
  • rewire and re-site instruments…this ought to have been easy but involved an unseen 240V shock along the way…won’t happen again now.
  • new gas hose, new navtex aerial (not looking forward to that), heads outlet sea-cock (nor that one!)
  • full engine service and trial bleed (to practice before having to do it in a F7)
  • antifoul…why did we buy such a big boat? But at least we can sit up underneath.
  • …and 1001 other things.

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